Shamanic offerings are available in person & long distance.

Shamanic Healings

  • Soul Retrieval, Aftercare and Integration
  • Extraction and energy healing
  • Psycho-pomp
  • Ceremony & Ritual
  • Divination and Long Distance Healings

   (All shamanic healing by donation)

Spirit Counsel

Learn shamanic Journeying skills for personal guidance and healing.
A series of 10 individual, interactive sessions in which you learn how to access the invisible realms and meet with your personal Helping Spirits.

Learn how to ask for guidance in navigating life’s problems and fully experience direct spiritual healing and wisdom. You will receive experienced shamanic guidance in interpreting information received and take home an audio recording of your entire journey.

$100 per 2hr. session (sliding scale available)

Shamanic Soul Portrait:

A Shamanic Soul Portrait is a visual portrayal of your inner Soul Self. You may be attended by your Power Animals, Helping Spirit or Nature Spirit Ally. Your Shamanic Soul Portrait is an intimate visual image, layered with personal meaning, of who you are as a spiritual being and what you aspire to bring into your life for the highest good of all. All this preciousness is sealed into a sacred art piece, created with sacred intention : a potent personal talisman for healing and inspiration on your life’s path

$350 for 1hr. preparatory shamanic consultation and original watercolor shamanic painting. Plus cost of mailing for long distance work.