Shamanic Healing

  • Soul Retrieval,
  • Aftercare & Integration
  • Extraction & Energy Healing
  • Psycho-pomp
  • Divination & Distance Healing
  • Ceremony & Ritual 

Sliding Scale: $80-125


Soul Retrieval

In shamanism there is an understanding that each of us has a life force, a spiritual essence, a soul and when we experience any kind of trauma in our lives, a part of our soul essence leaves. Trauma can be due to illness, shock, accident, surgery, a period of misfortune, or personal or family relationships that you have experienced as unhealthy. Trauma can take place in childhood and as an adult.

Symptoms of soul loss might be difficulty staying 'present' in the body, chronic illness, a struggle with addictions, depression, lacking in energy, a sense of meaninglessness or feeling a part of you is missing, or left with someone we were once in relationship with.

I work with my Helping Spirits to retrieve the soul parts that are willing to return to help you heal and grow. Having received a healing in the spirit realm, each returning soul essence brings a gift to assist and empower you in your healing process. In many cases, a Soul Retrieval can be a potent catalyst for change, restoring us to our natural self, empowering us with a renewed sense of wholeness.

Aftercare & Integration

Following a Soul Retrieval I like to meet with you for one or two sessions to provide after care that is tailoredto your needs. We work together, guided by Spirit, to assist the integration of the soul parts that have been retrieved, and actively support your growing edge, whatever welcomes joy, creativity and deeper meaning into your life.

Shamanic Extraction 

When we have soul loss, a vacant space can be left behind that then gets filled up with energy that does not support us ~ anxiety, worry, anger, generalized stress or tension in the body. These are known as intrusion, which are neither good nor bad, but misplaced energy. In an extraction the intrusion is removed from the energetic body. I merge with my Power Animal who then extracts the intrusive energy. The intrusion is then expelled and transmuted into a natural element such as fire, air or water.


There are many who feel the energy of a presence in their home or place of work. This can be a being that has not passed over due to possible trauma or sudden death and is continuing to be an uneasy presence ~ a relation or someone who has inhabited the space in the past. In performing shamanic house clearing I often encounter a being who is a family member, or a being who has inhabited the home in a prior life-time and has not transitioned.

At such times, in partnership with my Helping Spirits, I perform psycho pomp for any being who has not passed over and escort them safely to the light. Often messages are brought forth for those who have lost a loved one which offer significant comfort.

Divination and Distance Healing

Divination is an ancient method of seeking guidance from divine realms. I offer divination through shamanic journey.

You may be wrestling with uncertainty around important issues of health and well-being, family, relationship, work, creativity, or life purpose. Sometimes it is challenging to put words to what is troubling us. Together we will explore your question so that it truly speaks to the heart of your concern.  Then, with your carefully crafted question, I journey to my Helping Spirits to gain deeper insight and information. This can be a profoundly healing experience. 

For those requesting a long distance spiritual healing, I journey to my Helping Spirits on your behalf and ask for a healing. I also perform shamanic healing ceremony -- taking photos when appropriate and making an audio recording of the channeling that occurs during the healing.

The journey and ceremony is done in my healing studio. The audio recording is typed up and emailed to you along with any photos that may have been taken. The healing information is then shared in a 1hr. phone appointment we set up together. 

Ceremony & Ritual

Ceremony and ritual are often woven spontaneously into a shamanic healing as a way to empower and celebrate the newness that is growing within.

Ceremony and Ritual help embody and integrate the sacred into our everyday life. In a simple, meaningful way we may call in a new seed of change or mourn a loss.  Gathering about a fire, standing beneath a tree or beside water, listening to the wind, dancing, drumming, singing or story-telling, we offer up prayer, release outgrown ways, and express gratitude.  

Ceremony and ritual, individually or in community, are powerful ways of healing, and of rejoicing through sacred action.