Spirit Counsel

A series of 10 individual journeying sessions

Learning Core Journeying skills, meeting your Helping Spirits, receiving wisdom, healing and guidance for your life’s journey.

Spirit Counsel provides a sacred space to deepen your relationship with Spirit through learning the skill of core shamanic journeying. You will meet with your personal Helping Spirits for the purpose of receiving healing and guidance for pressing personal concerns and life problems.

If you feel you are at a crossroads, in significant transition, seeking healing of old and persistent wounds, or desire to open to your True Self, this is a compassionate and practical way to receive direct guidance and healing from the hidden realms of Spirit.

As a mentor and facilitator of your shamanic process I draw on many years of experience in helping you to craft clear, concise questions to ask of Spirit that truly get to the heart of your concerns. Shamanic journeying brings a deeply felt sense of love and a renewed sense of direction to your life, and you do not need to be knowledgeable about Shamanism in order to successfully journey.

We meet for a series of ten sessions every other week. Each session is two 2hrs long and soon the teachings and healings you receive begin to move into your daily life in a very real and positive way.

$120 per session. Sliding scale on individual basis.