Beatrice Pizer, Shamanic Practitioner

Beatrice Pizer, Shamanic Practitioner

About Me

I work best with people who are ready for change, those who sense a deeper purpose within themselves.

It is human nature to want love, peace and joy in our life, to heal old wounds, to be who we truly are and express what is uniquely ours.  In partnership with Spirit we have the capacity to heal ourselves, each one of us bringing something precious and shining to the world.  As a shamanic practitioner I partner with my Helping Spirits to help you remember the wholeness and light that is you.

Shamanic Training & Background

    • BA, Fine Art Painting, Hornsey College of Art, London, UK.
    • Graduate Italian Government Scholarship for Painting, Rome, Italy.
    • Training in  Psychosynthesis Counseling, with Naomi Emmerling, Sacramento Psychosynthesis Center
    • MA in Psychology and the Study of Symbols, San Francisco University Without Walls 
    • 5 year shamanic apprenticeship in Core Shamanism, Sacramento Shamanic Center
    • Initiated by Tmong Shaman Aama Bomba, under guidance ofDr.Larry Peters Ph.D
    • Trained in the Healing of Cancer with Myron Eshowsky
    • Shamanism and the Spirits of Nature with Beth Beurkens, Foundation of Shamanic Studies
    • Shamanic Mediumship, Compassionate Deposession and Seidr with Betsy Bergstrom
    • Soul Retrieval and Medicine for the Earth with Sandra Ingerman   
    • A graduate of Sandra Ingerman’s 2015-2016 Two Year Teacher Training
    • Member of the Society of Shamanic Practitioners & The Foundation for Shamanic Studies